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I am a married straight man and, like many people, I know the truth: HOMOPHOBES ARE HOMOSEXUALS IN DENIAL. Why else would someone invest so much energy into thinking and worrying about what other people do with their lives? They are obsessed with homosexuality. They hope that by trying to eliminate it from view that they might stop feeling their homosexual feelings. They hope that if they make a big public stance of "I hate homosexuals" then people will stop suspecting that they are gay. But many of us know the truth.... When I was young, age 10-13, most of my male friends and cousins approached me to do sex things with them. I did not respond sexually to them so nothing happened. But it did not bother me because it was a very common occurrence. I stayed good friends with them. But from around age 14, when social pressure really kicks into males to conform to be cold soldier-robots who will march off to die in a war, those male friends changed from being fun, friendly, happy boys into being very angry, hateful, miserable, cold and violent men. They became violent homophobes. They channel their repressed sexual energy into anger. Because they were rejected and maybe even punished for being gay at a younger age, because they do not have the courage to go against the herd of society, to be who they really are inside, gay. What they hate most of all are other gay people who have the courage to be who they are. So instead of coming out and being gay, they instead choose to try and imprison the other people who do have that courage. What they hate most of all is someone else who dares to have the freedom that they will not give themselves. We all know this to be true. On the other hand, truly heterosexual men do not feel any strong emotions or feelings about gay males because it is not an issue to us. We do not feel any troubling sexual attraction to them. So there is no energy to convert into irrational hatred of them. We are happy to let them be who they want to be.