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I've been reading up on this a little bit. For starters, if this is a genuine post, then the actor in question has to come clean with his girlfriend. That is an absolute must. He owes it to her to at least be honest. It is terribly unfair to her. After that, it's up to him. From what I've read in his postings, it sounds like he wants to come out and being in the closet is starting to take its toll already. It might harm his career or set it back a little, but he should do it. He's understandably scared. However, things will only get worse for himself the longer he stays closeted. 

Okay, my guesses for this "well known" movie actor are Hayden Christensen, Seann William Scott, and Jonathan Bennett. The last one I know is living in a glass closet, but the other two definitely fit the bill. Both always seem to get girlfriends and/or fiancées right when they have movies coming out.