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I believe that economic sanctions should be placed on Russia for their actions, but to ask thousands of athletes that have been working for this once in a lifetime event ( for many) is not what the Olympics should stand for.  The Olympic venue Is not to be used for political reasons or blackmail.

President Obama wants to stop the Russian Olympics for their asylum decision for Snowden, you want to cancel it for their political issues, so what are all of our hard working athletes going to think when their dreams can be taken away from the at any political whim.  I am a gay man and do not agree with the Russian laws and want them to change also, but at what cost....   I thought that the Olympics were to be a non- political gathering of the nations in the spirit of peace and harmony even in war time.

I just believe politics need to stay completely away from any Olympic decisions at any time.  The Olympic awards are determined so many years ahead anything could happen but political issues should not be a reason to pull athletes or cancel the games.  Think of the sacrifice of all of the athletes, their families, the economic costs to the host country and the US for all of the coverage.

We have held the Olympics in America while we had terrible anti-gay, anti- black, anti everything laws in every state and the Federal Government.  We got them changed as can Russia, but we did allow the games to go on.  Do not punish the athletes for politics.  Laws are politics and can be changed.