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Indeed, our athletes - gay and not-gay - are training hard to win in their sports events in the winter Olympic Games.  That is not the issue.  The issue is participating in an event in a country that blatantly and proudly abuses human beings because they are gay tacitly accepts that abuse.  The issue is that we tell those abused humans that hard training to win sports events is valued more highly than those abused humans' Human Rights and more than their lives.  The issue is that the nations who participate in the Olympic Games and those who televise the Games are conduits of millions of dollars to Russia - essentially rewarding Russia: a nation that values power over others more than it values the ideals of socialism and equality and freedom.  Let all nations of conscience choose to withdraw from participation in the Olympic Games! Let all nations of conscience demand that Russia stop persecuting and criminalizing LGBT people, and economically boycott Russia until it does!