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Maybe taking all that dick up your mouth and ass at the same time dislodged your brain and caused you to think ridiculous shit about me buddy, but I am married, and I sure as fuck am more happy, productive and overall not weird than you pathetic little genetic errors will ever be. And unlike your naturally redundant ass, I will have children that will carry the human race forward, all you fags and lesbians can do is live one life and nothing else, you are more empty and broken than you will ever realize, shithead, I bet you and your kin cry themselves to bed every night.

Also, I am against feminism because it has become the same fucking unfair and unbalanced bullshit that the gay movement has become, you freaks don't want equality anymore, you want as many fucking advantages for yourselves as you can get, and as many fucking disadvantages for straight men as you can possibly get put into law. Don't fucking lie, you know it's true you bunch of hypocrites. And when me and people like me see our basic freedoms and rights infringed upon like this, you bet your fucking ass there will be backlash and hate towards you freaks, feminist scum included.