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Hey, kiddo! You know where do they love gay parades more than in America? That's right. Germany has huge parades. Don't lie to yourself in thinking that all you hate comes from far away. Also, you should bare in mind that comparing Norway, with it's ridiculous population, with the USA or, in fact, any big country. You should have a better chance of finding out some actual information comparing the average salary in Norway with that of Berlin. If, however, you are interested in comparing Norway to the US, I would, if I were you, check the relative price levels of basic goods. Living in Norway is at least 60% more expensive than in the States, and you pay way more taxes. -science, bitch!

Something you don't seem to realize is that, just as you don't really give any fucks about, what you call, "the big fuss" "gay people in general" "make about it", "the [gay, amongst other] people in general" don't really give a fuck about a completely nonsensical and probably very young human being like you. After all, you know, no one want you specifically to go to and/or watch a gay parade. It's really cool you have a mind and an opinion that fit into the smallest of diameters, but you shouldn't make a big fuss about that. 

Finally, please don't call me an Americunt. I really have nothing to do with that country.