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Sherbert McNuggets, I don't think you realize but white males in the States are very fortunate and very privileged, what you're missing out on is a lack of education or willingness to compete. If you don't want to lose your job or the opportunity then step up to the plate and stop making excuses. You will only find success after you admit your own faults and actually correct them. You sound like a lazy ass, which I'm not sure if you are, but you just sound so ridiculous that as a reader I can't help but paint this picture of some pimple-faced snotty teen trolling gay forums. In some cases, you may be right, you may have lost your job to affirmative action but at the same time no one will ever turn you down because you're a man and not a woman or a minority - they will have done it because you either suck at your job or you were the worst of the bunch. They will never fire you if you are productive and efficient (unless your personality is shit.)

Your arguments come across as attention-seeking and inflammatory for no other reason. I don't mean to devalue your personality but your rhetoric just seems petulant and no one here cares for it.

To respond to your comments is to perpetuate your behaviour but I feel like what you are saying carries a resentment that no one has addressed: you say you have friends that are gay but I don't fully believe that. I think that if you had gay friends (not just gay people you know) you would respect them enough to understand more about the culture and themselves. I think your curiosity about the issue is stifled by your 'I'm not a pussy' mentality. I don't mean to psychoanalyze your comments too deeply but I don't think everyone quite understands why you would post something so uneducated and belligerent on here. I can call you stupid and a bigot and whatnot but I won't because I know that these are your belief and I can't mock you for your beliefs - or lack thereof - I can only make observations. You sound like a rebellious, angsty teen and use 'fuck' a lot so it shows what kind of person you are. If you're mad at the fact that a gay or a Mexican or a woman can get a job or is treated with 'special treatment' that's because you can probably never blame yourself.

You say that you hate how gays are all loud and proud about being gay and you have to hear about it, well I'm sure that as a gnostic atheist you are just as vocal. Did you feel that mentioning you were a gnostic atheist would have changed any of this conversation? As if that defined your opinions and why you were dating these things. I was raised Catholic and although I do not practice religion I do respect a person's faith. Faith is fascinating and to have faith, in whatever it is, is inspiring. I respect religion but I don't agree with it at times, to shut your mind like being an atheist is to in fact become religious in your anti-religious thought: you evangelize the fact you don't believe as if to convince yourself and is a disrespect to others. I don't think it makes someone any weaker or stupider if they have something to believe in. Your beliefs become your faith whether you are a gnostic atheist or not.

I do agree to some extent that gay parades may go a bit too far but what you need to understand is that it isn't just a Gay Parade, in fact, it is a Pride Parade: pride in self-expression and sexuality. It is a celebration of being free and it took me a while to understand but it is a demonstration, although admittedly debauched, of sexual freedom.

I think extremist views on either side, gay or straight, are bigoted and you should always approach someone else's opinion with understanding of why the other thinks that way. It is that exact empathy that will lead to progress and understanding. I do agree that the in-yo-face approach is almost off putting because it crosses people's boundaries of comfort. I think the gay culture had become too much of a shock culture and that will never lead to understanding. Just like Sherbert McNuggets statements, they shocked but no one ever asked substantially on why he thinks that way because we have already made our conclusions - just like with a Pride Parade, no one is looking for answers if the graphics are so visual.

All in all to say, everyone stop being so whiney and get the fuck to bed. There are worse things happening to better people in the world.