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Ok.  First off, you are permitted to rant.  But I do remind you there are lots of gay couples raising families. I know a couple myself. And being the woman I am, I plan to have kids in a few years... and guess what, I am a lesbian.  But knowing what kind of world we live in, I hope to whatever god out there she or he turns out straight so they don't have to read comments like yours.  It is hateful and from what I have seen, uneducated and lacking any real or thoughtful thought.  And your use of profanity just highlights that.  

Further more. How am I a freak?  I am a business owner who employees all people, yes, including straight people.. Go figure! I have an university education. I travel the world and have many friends.  I live a 'normal' life.  And how does another group having the same rights take away from you having rights. Last time I checked straight married people get tax credits and write offs that singles do not get. And said married couples using those credits have no affect on my tax situation... Just as a married gay couple would have not affect on a straight couples taxes.  In addition, me having the right to give my money to my partner instead of my bigoted brother as no affect on another person's financial situation. Except my bigoted brother.   I could go on, but guess what, I have to check email and run a business.  ;)