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i don't think many of you are understanding this. Its not about parading about "our sex lives" (I mean who does that anyway?) - its about putting human rights, before prejudice. Putin has ruled against gay people. Is that okay? did we think it was okay when Hitler was against Jews? just because we aren't Jewish, does a Jewish person not have the right to do Jewish things? Lets face it, the reason there is homophobia is because we think about sex. "how people have sex". Surely therefore people like Putin, are more scared that they cannot stop thinking about those two guys fucking? that's a question that I would ask of all those on here who say "look, i have no problem with gays....but". If you genuinely think we should stand silently as Putin and his mob of biggoted fools, terrorize a group of people merely because of their sexual preference then lets go backwards, lets have a partied, lets revisit slave ships, lets experiment on people with deformities. ITS WRONG. gay/straight/bi/trans. whatever, discrimination, is... a Crime. Whether you salute with pride, or cannot stop thinking about what two people do in bed, its wrong to stop people from being free.