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I just don't get some of the comments on this site, saying homosexuals shouldn't put their issues out in the open all the time. "If I was homosexual, i would be embarrassed about it..."...really now? You know, the first thing that came to my mind when I read the first article about whats happening to LGBT ppl in russia was "This is kind of a new holocaust". Should Jews be embarrassed about what happened to them back in the day? Should they just shut up about it? Everything was perfectly fine back then right...right?! No. No, thats not true. And I just don't get how people fail to see that...not only narrow minded idiots, but also educated humans in political positions. Why do they fail to see whats happening in Russia? Why do they choose to close their eyes and look away instead of actually trying to help? I am really embarrassed...for everyone who just isn't ready to see these crimes against humans as what they actually are.