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You are such an unbelievably ignorant tool! Not only is your mind so narrow that your perception of gay people is that of the mannerism camp! Not only does this not apply to all gay people of the world, myself included, straight men can also display this mannerism.

What about all of the heterosexual crap all over? Sex scenes in movies, magazines, reality TV? Again you say gay people shove this down your throat. You refer to the portion of the population who do overly exhibit it. This also applies to heterosexuals too and again... NOT all! Reverse your argument and read it as someone saying straight people have too many freedoms and shouldn't walk around flaunting it and should have less rights! Do you like that? Also as for wearing pink and frilly panties I think you are referring to transvestites which also is not a homosexual thing! Stright men also can be transvestites. The trouble with alot of the ignorant bigoted people in this world is like you they label gays and apply a lot of labels to us that don't apply. Yes granted some gay people might fit into these other labels but that isn't because they are gay, that's a whole different aspect of their personality.

So please do yourself a favour and open your mind and maybe you won't sound like such a dumbass in future!