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I'm not surprised about this - Russia has gone back to its old ways when Stalin ruled and bullied people into submission - he was Hitler's friend before 'the war' without their friendship agreement in 1939 Hitler would never had dared to attack Belgium, Norway, Holland, France and the British army in France - when the American army handed over the Buchenwahlt concentration camp in 1945 to Russia they reopened it and 'locked away all those who opposed the Communist state and Stalin - many of who had barely survived the Nazi rule where once again in the same camp often guarded by the same 'guards' as they had been during the Nazi regime! Because  the Communists were seen as the true victors of the Second World War 'our' press left this out of their newspapers and headlines - for this Russia got the idea it can't do no wrong and get away with anything!!! And this is the result - they don't give a **** about what others think as they believe if we don't agree with them we are fascist and Nazis! And our dear press just tries to ignore it again - I bet many so called liberal journalists have a horrible time trying to admit that this is going on in Russia! If they would be happening like for example in the US they would be all over it!!!! We should wake our press and confront them with this 'low key' reaction on those crimes against humanity --- by the way I'm not gay I'm just a fellow human being totally upset and horrified by this outrage and I do support all those who want to 'do something' to stop this! We should also focus on other former Communist East European countries where that kind of bigot madness is also going on --- make no mistake this is not new for the former Communist states it is just a return to the old ways! Only then there was a high wall that kept it hidden from us!!!