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Sorry - but Hitler didn't start with the Jews! When he was elected in 1933 and the Nazi opened their first 'camp' they arrested people who opposed them AND gay men! Latter he started to send Jews to camps and latter during the war he started to operate the famous gas chambers --- he did from 1933 created laws that ban Jews from any social activity and work places. They couldn't visit public parks schools of non-Jews etc. but he didn't send them first to camps! The main reason he didn't start with the Jews was that he wanted to 'sooth' people into his bigot state and international community. By sending communists to camps he didn't cause a panic as everyone was afraid of Stalin and his wish to spread the communist system. After all Russia had tried to invade Poland in the 1920s and it was only thanks to the Polish army resistance that they pulled back. By arresting gay men he didn't case a problem either as in most countries gays were send to jails anyway! But to explain why he had to arrest Jews just for being Jews was a different matter, also the American Jews had staged a boycot of German goods after Hitler started to introduce his anti-Jews laws. But with the war he could 'blame the Jews' as according to his 'politics' Jews were responsible for the war as they wanted to destroy Germany --- so he pretended they were traitors and it was his duty to remove them from society to protect the German people ---- SO THIS ATTACK ON GAYS in Russia should not be seen as a possible start to something even worse - its it the same way it started in Nazi Germany!!!!