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And by you resorting to name calling you are clearly an example of why the gay community is looked at as a joke.  Just another child throwing a temper tantrum and calling names instead of coming up with real solutions.  I simply stated that if you don't like it then don't go.  Pretty sure that is the same as everyone saying to boycott. I strongly believe that your sexual identity should have nothing to do with your performance as an athlete. It is just another identifier to cause division. So now instead of athletes we have gay and straight athletes. Then it will be black gay or straight, white gay or straight, Latino gay or straight...etc.  Do I think the new laws in Russia are disgusting and ridiculous? ABSOLUTELY! So to assume I don't have compassion because I said if you don't like it then don't participate is ridiculous. I never said to keep silent. Some gay athletes have asked for us to support them in their decision to put their sexuality aside and support them as they compete. So are you going to not show compassion for these men and women who have worked their entire lives toward this goal and then not support them because they won't throw a lifetime of work out the window?  When does it stop? Just because our views and methods differ, it does not mean that our hope and goal for equality for everyone is different.