"People who live in the mainstream and the status quo think that everyone else is there to serve them."
Shooting is set to begin in April.
Check out the new 'Justice League' footage in the individual character teasers!
Rapp will portray Star Trek's first ongoing gay television character.
“If every gay man that I know personally in Hollywood came out tomorrow, then this would be a nonissue in a month.”
Pattinson posed for Karl Lagerfeld's lens! Check out the images!
'Cocktails & Classics.' Now more than ever?
"I'll Keep My Light In My Window" Is The Cure.
"The most real thing you can do is to love yourself, love your body, and forget about everyone else."
"Just because I am a male, doesn’t mean I’m impervious to your whispers. Body shaming hurts."
"I missed my Top Model baby, so Mama's back!"
Oh, how peachy it is! (PHOTOS)
Or Lose All Sports Events Until 2022
Gaycation full of horses, hunks, and happy times in two weeks!
Releases "LOW' w/ Ru Paul and it's epic. Straight Outta Oz upgraded.
Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal may be the bromance we'd most like to see turn physical!
“It’s a renovation show, but you’re also getting to come into the lives of two gay dads and their family."
Suns out, buns out! (NSFW-ish!)
Watch Idris Elba work over his opponent!
"They think they’re gonna silence me but there’s no chance in hell."
And here are the photos to prove it!
YouTube's troubles continue to mount. 
"...my wrap gift from the director was a bag which had all the film cut off with my d*ck in it..."
Gregg flaunts his sun-kissed bod!
Get an eyeful of Robb Stark! (NSFW-ish!)
Says 'I’d sooner die than miss Act 2!'
Asians and math, white leader, two black rangers, and a gay jew?
Knows other Hollywood stars living with HIV like him.
Play our boyfriend next, John!