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Categories range from Best Actor to Best Daddy... woof.
There was a wedding, but who got hitched?
He recently came out of the closet to much praise and adoration.
Marc Jacobs, Vanessa Hudgens and... Nancy Pelosi? Yas!
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They're back... just all new guys this time.
"My ass stuck to the ice."
The vulnerable actor sadly believed that no could not be an option.
Drag Queens On A Plane, Henney! 
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Can everyday be leg day?
Twitter Deems FRIENDS Homophobic!
We're not sure he needed it, but we'll definitely watch!
Welcome back, stud.
The best part is how she reacts!
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Coming to U.S. theaters March 16th.
The anthology web series is back with it's fifth chapter all about open relationships in Silver Lake, LA.
The music video shows a gay couple enjoying their lives in love and happiness.
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It is the first series to be made up of deaf writers, producers and creators.
How her voice and music healed the hearts of all rebels and outcasts
LOL! You sexy silly Billy.
And the results... Crikey!
Sam Rockwell's character meets his son's boyfriend with the stage name 'Marco Pumpgood.'
the first track from his debut album due later this spring.
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