We'd work from home too if Bryan's there...
Will Georgia's Gov. Deal issue a veto?
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...and on gay tolerance
He's a handsome lad! (NSFW!)
“I think it’s healthy to make work that disrupts and questions that, & shows alternative narratives."
Sexy comes in every size!
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Kickball players from team Totes Masc in Los Angeles answer Boxers or Briefs.
Georgia stands to lose a lot of money if they sign the "religious liberty" bill.
Congrats, guys!
"We're all united."
Evans and Jackman have a sing-off and WE are the winners.
So many muscles!
Fashion! (NSFW)
Better than the originals?
"Young, good-looking, white gay men - we love to hate those people."
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Inspired by the true story of identical twins, one of whom is transgender.
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And His Friendship With Kesha: Idolator Interview And Concert Review Inside
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Rihanna's face says it all!!
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New cast members are on board for the Dustin Lance Black/Gus Van Sant miniseries.
We certainly don't!!
"I think it's good to be proud of what you have..."