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Big decisions, right?
Reflective surfaces can be revealing!
Perhaps one should show a bit more decorum, while seated in the Oval Office?
We really admire his...dedication. 
Lena Dunham is matching donations to Michigan's Ruth Ellis Center.
Harper was unconscious for two days.
"The reality is, trans people are ignored all the time in our culture."
The Oscar winning pals were in tears over Emma Stone's win!
"There was something very special missing."
"I will get to the bottom of it."
"You can’t be with us in the hotel room and against us in the CPAC ballroom.”
"Shameless with the plugs. They just giving the press to me..."
Gorgeous! (PHOTOS)
"I know all about that this. I know more than anyone else in this world."
"Your legs have the biggest, strongest muscles in your entire body."
"This enormous weight was lifted off my chest. I felt like a completely different person, like I was finally truly me."
"Power can be very addictive...it’s important for the media to call to account people who abuse their power."
Moonlight's triumphant Oscar win, and the gagworthy moment that came just before it!
Will the queer drama have similar good luck on Oscar Sunday?
Sad news.
"Talk to me like lovers do..."
Congratulations, Rihanna!
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Want the perfect butt? Bryan Hawn has got you covered!
“You probably never know how many people you saved with your photos."
The Moonlight star models bold spring styles, and shares his picks for the Oscars.
"A simple difference shouldn't be a big deal." 
All coiffed, and buttoned-down? He cleans up nice!