Who makes his style decisions, him or his supermodel wife?
We sure wouldn't mind getting frisked!
He talks about leaving the runway behind and transforming his career.
Are these four men more suited than Blake Shelton?
Sticking It To The NSA One Dick Pic At A Time!
And will make you laugh as well
People were looking at his third leg though...
"Yes his abs are real, just a kiss of sun."
So handsome!
"I've been running with the wolves."
If you're into 'World of Warcraft'... you may have a chance with him.
We are maxed out.
He Lost Follows Mimicking The Viral Star!
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Are We Only Objects For Sex?
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Lever pulled!
Lower please, just a little lower.
Giving us a new reason to stay up late.
Gorgeous, as always!
The variety is all kinds of hunky and dreamy.
'80s flashback feels and a hot guys writhing on a car? Sign us up!
Clean shaven Brad Pitt looks just as hot as he did in the 90s!
So handsome! (NSFW-ish!)
The actor and hip hop artist shared his views at the Vanguard Awards
Epic cuteness ahead, epic I tell you!
His plan to help end racism & discrimination within it.
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