People were looking at his third leg though...
"Yes his abs are real, just a kiss of sun."
So handsome!
"I've been running with the wolves."
If you're into 'World of Warcraft'... you may have a chance with him.
We are maxed out.
He Lost Follows Mimicking The Viral Star!
How a simple interaction can lead to so much more.
Are We Only Objects For Sex?
Oh, those cheeky lads! (NSFW-ish!)
Lever pulled!
Lower please, just a little lower.
Giving us a new reason to stay up late.
Gorgeous, as always!
The variety is all kinds of hunky and dreamy.
'80s flashback feels and a hot guys writhing on a car? Sign us up!
Clean shaven Brad Pitt looks just as hot as he did in the 90s!
So handsome! (NSFW-ish!)
The actor and hip hop artist shared his views at the Vanguard Awards
Epic cuteness ahead, epic I tell you!
His plan to help end racism & discrimination within it.
Get another glimpse at the handsome ginger hunks! (NSFW-ish!)
Phillies new manager Gabe Kapler still looks mighty fine!
As usual, Los Angeles titillated, frightened and entertained
It's time we stopped coloring our skin to mimic a different race.
"Can we talk about how cool the anti-fog mirror is..."
Fans are in awe of Milan Christopher's Halloween costume! (NSFW)
Pitter-patter goes our hearts.
Look at that python!