Happy Thursday, y'all!
Get your bats ready...
Nyle DiMarco is "Attitude" Magazine's Man of the Year!
Hot guys and dogs... sign us up!
Meet Sam Asghari...
And it's all for a good cause! (NSFW!)
Check out the VPL! (NSFW-ish!)
What was the celebration? C**ktober!
Who would you rather?
Check out the beautiful, unsettling images from Jonathan Icher's "The White Book." (NSFW)
Max Emerson, for your consideration... (NSFW-ish!)
No full frontal, but you get the next best thing.
For men who are into the furrier kind...
You can get one of three type of calendars (or you could buy all three).
“I’m getting married in, like, two weeks, so yeah, I’m freaking out!"
His throwback Instagram photos are smoking hot!
In case you missed the return of "Riverdale"...
He's the gift(s) that keep on giving...
We're gonna need a towel...
Drop your buffs, men.
'It was kind of a spiritual experience, to be honest.'
Oh, Pit Crew!
Our thirst level just tripled.
Lads from the Brit pop rock band bare their bottoms.
...But Tube Socks. (NSFW)
Let's just gaze for a moment...
Get another eyeful of the Love Island hunk!