Who Made The List?
I'm not blushing, you are.
This isn't the first time he's freeballed on social media.
Perhaps he's preparing for the Winter Olympics?
“I wanted to prove that you can be hairy and have a belly and it can be sexy.”
Nothing holding us back... from looking.
Jingle those bells! (NSFW-ish!)
Flashbacks of him getting naked for another dude on the 1st episode this season.
In case you need another look at that new chest ink!
He showed off his dancing skills, but people weren't really focusing on that.
Go Team!
A early #throwbackthursday if you would like to indulge.
Lever pulled.
He captioned the photo with #bigbuttproblems
Taking us higher and higher.
Ho ho ho!
"I'm shook!"
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'Together' Is Showcased In A Campaign For Grindr!
The 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Pit Crew are "gearing up" for a big 2018!
'Nice stick!'
We want to know your thoughts!
Looks like it went right by his nipple.
The author & Buffboyzz founder hangs pretty well.
It's cold outside, let them keep you warm.
Who doesn't love a Hunky Santa?!
“Had a cracking day today…” (NSFW)
Jingle bells!
Sure he's tall, but there's that whole intelligence thing too.
The ‘All American Boy’ gave us a peek! (NSFW)