Don't ever change, Mom. Just keep being you.
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He would never tell the head writer.
They should have put a rainbow dress on that "Hardworking" winged woman.
She's always had my back and has continues to be a great support in my life.
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“I want someone to call me Daddy."
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Furry, shirtless, kilted trainers offer their tips
“This is not about the fight between right and left, it’s about basic decency."
“My dad and his boyfriend came to Chicago to visit me and my boyfriend"
Even though the tv finale is over, the "Bubbline" couple will continue through...
Who knew it was so long?
It's not just Henry Golding's tight, perfect stomach we're drooling over, either.
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"Wouldn’t it be crazy if I just whipped out a pride flag at graduation?"
"This one’s like a buddy cop comedy, only there are no cops and more avoiding old flames..."
Not sure if anyone really saw this coming.
He calls him 'Uncle'.
Bomer's to a hotshot news anchor dating Will!
Rodrigo Alves Lasted Only Nine Days!
The series will be like Love Island but with an LGBTQ cast!
“I swallowed some serious nerves and ran up, fanboyed a smidge and asked as politely as I could if she wouldn’t mind"
Consider this Carrie Bradshaw's alter ego.
The video of their performance has gone viral.