Check out photos from the joyous event.
Even better, it's the first song the couple has recorded together.
But who will keep them warm???
Joined by Thorgy Thor, Trinity Taylor, Ginger Minj, and sexy Pablo Hernandez
"Everybody was celebrating - it was beautiful"
A bear chef, a movie producer, fitness trainer, a high kicker, and some Instinct throwbacks are popping up on our account!
Who wouldn't love Crime-fighting drag queens with gratuitous d*ck jokes?
Video spoofs the power of facial fur
The school's still looking for the culprit.
And Polis's response to the SNL mention was equally funny.
"Much of what motivates the character revolves around... characteristics and emotions that wouldn't apply to a hetereosexual."
“I  wanna bend Richard Madden over, pull his hair, make him arch [his] back and wreck him."
I don't know what the hell this show is about. But I guess this is pretty hot?
Super Drags is out on Netflix now!
"She wrapped her arms around me, said, 'Don’t try to be what you’re not, cause I love you no matter what.'"
Can someone give Mateo Lanzi our number? Thanks!
“And for all of you out there that can’t handle the fact that I am about to become the first openly gay person to hold state-wide"
“Good morning, America, I am awake and I want Troye Sivan to spit on me."
He learned how to produce music two years ago, and now he's taking the music scene by storm.
That’s My Business Only!
Gus' winning invitation had us gagging
Be one of the first to find out--thanks to Trixie Mattel
Opinion: Keep Friendsgiving celebrations within the "Family", please!
Those clothes, that makeup, those cheekbones!
How can we not love this sexy boss witch?
The ‘Unhhhh’ co-host gives it right back to her.
A must-read.
Love is in the air as marriage equality approaches.
"Freedom of speech is as good as sex." This is what the gay 1990s looked like, kids.
@menwithpizza is my guilty pleasure tonight an I'm going to enjoy every last slice.