...with a potential caveat 2014.
Is there any good news in a new report on the use of PrEP by gay men in San Francisco?
But there's a catch...
Like A Tupperware Party, But For Your Penis
Where 20 percent of penis enlargement surgeries occur...
Will this impact the way you feel about circumcision?
According to a new study...
"Today, we remember all those who lost their battle with HIV/AIDS."
#WeareALLclean (and naked!)
Think it'll work?
Is it discrimination or protection? I'm just trying to help.
But there's a catch...
Do your reasons to move match these?
...and demonstrate how to check for testicular cancer!
"It’s not like a banana at all; it’s a little battery."
...and charity! [NSFW]
Will it be enough?
Finally, teaching practical life skills!!
Science takes all the fun out of sex, doesn't it?