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Edinbrrrr…! Great Scot! Finding The historic Haunts (And Hot Men In Kilts) In Scotland’s Capital City

It's Dreich—wet, dismal, dreary—and cauld, as they might say here. Gale-force winds threaten to send me hurtling off the Scott Monument. A tower of Gothic spires and protruding gargoyles representing characters from Sir Walter Scott’s novels, it resembles a sandstone spaceship poised for takeoff.

I hang on for dear life; I’m staying right here.

Edinburgh, you quickly learn, has earned its reputation for stroppy weather....

Cover Guy: Joe Putignano

Joe Putignano has lived a lot of life in his 30 some-odd years. A world-class gymnast with Olympic dreams, athletics all too soon took a backseat to drugs, alcohol, depression and eventual homelessness. Joe’s new book, Acrobaddict, out in September, is a compelling chronicle of his journey from young Boston kid in the gym to heroin addict on the streets of New York to performing...

Icona Pop? We Love It!

You’ve been singing along to their hit single “I Love It” for quite some time now, and not surprisingly, the Swedish pop duo of Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo—better known as ICONA POP—are just as sweet and charming as their tunes are catchy and addictive. Despite their crazy travel schedule as they prep to both release their second studio album and embark on their first...

Once-A-Week Workouts?! How Slo-Mo Routines Are Shaking Up The Fitness World

As is the case for most gay men, my health and physical appearance have always been important to me. There’s nothing like feeling—and looking—fit! Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough to be genetically engineered like an Adonis; I’ve always been the scrawny guy who’s self-conscious about never having “filled out.” (And if I was ever going to bulk up, it was going to require a lot...

Soapbox: Jack Mackenroth

Designer-turned-activist Jack Mackenroth is never one to shy away from the media spotlight. But unlike basically any other reality star you could name, he’s actually doing some good with it! An outspoken HIV activist and educator, Jack’s taking over our Health, Fitness & Wellness Issue Soapbox and getting real on HIV stigma.


HIV stigma needs to end now. The quiet judgment within the gay...

Cover Guy: Frank Mentier

A small-town Michigan boy who made good, Frank Mentier managed to launch Hollywood careers as an actor, model and celebrity fitness trainer. Perhaps most impressively, however, is that he managed to stay sweet and humble while doing so.


INSTINCT: Hey, Frank. What’s your coming-out story?