So much for the "progressive" Pope?
Gaymers around the world rejoice!
Congrats to the happy couple!
...despite notorious human rights violators like Russia allowing the action!
Now that's sweet!
Congratulations, Wisconsin!!
Congrats Wisconsin!
She "takes exception" to anyone who doesn't agree with her fight against marriage equality, sir!
The duo speaks out in support of the latest marriage equality frontier! (Spoof)
Congrats, Oregonians!
The state of U.S. states is quickly changing!
Check out this new ad from Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker.
Same-sex couples can continue to marry in Arkansas!
"Why isn't our intolerance tolerated anymore?"
Time to get hitched, NYC Instincters!
What's the Kentucky Governor's crazy Hail Mary play against marriage equality in his state?
Throwback Friday!
Are you?
Check out more pics from their happy day!!
Congrats are in order!!