"I witnessed the man who adds so much beauty to my life legalize his beautiful marriage."
And has No Reservations doing it!
We're talking $ame-$ex $pouses!
And, no, this isn't an Onion story!
Sometimes witholding is a good thing.
Good news from the Fourth Circuit!!
To move to...Texas???
Hurdle passed away before legally marrying her wife.
How to keep that hubby!
Kleenex alert!
Another homophobe in a robe.
The speed skater is tying the knot!
Plus, learn what a "cup song" is!
'Cause this time it's different!
Another marriage equality case is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court!
Last time we checked, it's 2014.
Game on??
Congrats to the happy couple!
Thanks, gay marriage!!
...and accomplishes what it has set out to do