Our favorite Supreme eviscerates the opposition to marriage equality at Tuesday's SCOTUS hearing!
What do you think the Supreme Court will decide?
...makes it clear what she hopes SCOTUS will do!
Fresh off a reception hosted by gay multi-millionaires, Cruz doubles down on his bigotry ahead of SCOTUS hearing.
Get the Kleenex ready!
...and Fire Island venues.
"I will not change my faith-driven view on this matter, even if it becomes a minority opinion."
An amicus brief filed with the Supreme Court against same-sex marriage was signed by 15 attorneys general.
It's not Puerto Rico.
Will she say yes?
...and Twitter responds without holding back!
More Business Owners Proclaim they Discriminate for Jesus. This time in Georgia.
Homophobes can change.
...and its owners are very happy with the new "religious freedom" law.
It's a match made on Instagram!
Keep your tissues handy!
Now 20 out of 50 states have RFRA Laws. 12 more to follow this year.
More companies need to be as proactive as this, especially today.
United Nations approves same-sex benefits...