Found out who thinks you're not!
The wins keep coming!
"Regardless of how you were made or who you love, you should be able to get married if you want to get married."
You won't find Hallmark's cards celebrating same-sex marriage on the college bookstore's shelves.
Did same-sex marriage bring about "Armagayddon"?
And it's cheap, too, just like us!
Of course it's still early...
Love and Basketball, ya'll!!
The Internet-slaying comedy/music duo take a time out for a serious tune...
"I witnessed the man who adds so much beauty to my life legalize his beautiful marriage."
And has No Reservations doing it!
We're talking $ame-$ex $pouses!
And, no, this isn't an Onion story!
Sometimes witholding is a good thing.
Good news from the Fourth Circuit!!
To move to...Texas???
Hurdle passed away before legally marrying her wife.
How to keep that hubby!
Kleenex alert!
Another homophobe in a robe.