"It's a moment for us to thank the people who brought peace to our country."
"Father and Son" Vacate Adoption so they can get Married to each other.
Irish eyes are Smiling today! And maybe filled with tears of joy!
Check out the findings from a new study.
Introducing a video of a heterophobic taxi driver!
...and from supporting marriage equality
A major landmark from Gallup!
Was that a wink, Justice Ginsburg?
So yeah, we knew we weren't going to vote for him before, but did this just seal the deal?
Congratulations, gentlemen!
Ted Cruz's lies grow more dangerous by the hour
Congrats, guys!
Will "I Don't Know" convince Irish voters?
Is Texas getting ready for a fight to remain in the Dark Ages?
..for hosting the rabidly anti-gay Ted Cruz.
Congrats, guys!!
Check out his response!
...when it comes to marriage equality under the law
Our favorite Supreme eviscerates the opposition to marriage equality at Tuesday's SCOTUS hearing!
What do you think the Supreme Court will decide?