Is the shirt's statement our belief? Why isn't it 'real?'
Married LGBT couples deserve equal rights!
Same-sex marriage is now legal in Germany!
Could legal same-sex marriage finally be headed to Germany?
Trump's UN Ambassador is against marriage equality, and yet she can't seem to connect the dots.
Congratulations, Gents!
and children of gay parents. No Communion, baptism, confirmation, funerals unless ...
and his late husband, John Arthur.
Polish Lip Syncing / LGBT Activist Couple Ties The Knot In Portugal.
It's as easy as posting a pic on Instagram.
Will the straights follow suit? Will this spread to America?
The Scottish Episcopal Church is the first major Christian church in the UK to approve same-sex marriage.
"From that first kiss on set, I just knew that this is the man of my dreams.”
By End Of July
Étienne Cardiles has posthumously married Xavier Jugelé, an officer killed in the Paris ISIS attack.
Think #DoubleEngaged is about to become the new thing? Congrats, Colton and Jeff!
Marriage Equality isn't legal there yet, but these guys represent!
Tom Daley shares his wedding cake reveal to Dustin Lance Black!
“It is our sexuality, just like being lesbian or bisexual – we are not crazy.”
Which two are close? Which ones can we rule out immediately?
...In Taiwan! #FirstInAsia #LoveWins
Video also shows footage from night of arrest, trial, and sentencing.
After his "ashamed" Mom tells him not to post it on Facebook!
United & Southwest Release Apology/Statement Respectively In Regard To LGBT (Mis)Treatment Over The Weekend.
Southwest is the most recent airline to make a boarding blunder. Was this one a homophobic blunder?
Support from IBM, US Ambassador seen. Important during this crucial 13th year
Settlement calls for 7-figure payout.
Republican support for marriage equality has also reached a record high.
The 'Big Bang Theory' star and his partner have been together for 14 years!
On #MilitarySpouseAppreciationDay, we say thanks to the partners!