You won't find Hallmark's cards celebrating same-sex marriage on the college bookstore's shelves.
Did same-sex marriage bring about "Armagayddon"?
And it's cheap, too, just like us!
Of course it's still early...
Love and Basketball, ya'll!!
The Internet-slaying comedy/music duo take a time out for a serious tune...
"I witnessed the man who adds so much beauty to my life legalize his beautiful marriage."
And has No Reservations doing it!
We're talking $ame-$ex $pouses!
And, no, this isn't an Onion story!
Sometimes witholding is a good thing.
Good news from the Fourth Circuit!!
To move to...Texas???
Hurdle passed away before legally marrying her wife.
How to keep that hubby!
Kleenex alert!
Another homophobe in a robe.
The speed skater is tying the knot!
Plus, learn what a "cup song" is!
'Cause this time it's different!