Go, Ruby, go!
Thismuch closer to marriage equality!
A gay couple gets engaged on 'Let's Make A Deal'!!
...and celebrities double down on the boycott.
...including prohibiting straight couples from being recognized as married in the state.
Despite an impressive push from the country's first openly gay politician...
...just hours ahead of a vote on civil unions in the country.
The potential GOP presidential candidate's views aren't very Libertarian...
"This is one of the most impressive changes we've measured."
"I believe in libertarian principles."
Madness ensues in 1950s Alabama...
A supportive move from many in the Republican party!
The star opens up on why he's not particularly into the idea of marriage.
Congrats, Nebraska!
The potential presidential candidate clarifies his stance on same-sex marriage.
What about for those in the United States?
Will Nebraska be the State 38 by next week?
"There's no place like homophobia."
What other nonsense did this pastor blame Alabama marriage equality for?
Will this clarify things in Alabama?