His stupidity makes our blood boil!
Cheeky, and very sweet!
"Marriage is the union of a man and a woman before a community in the sight of God."
They're such a lovely couple!
"That must be our commitment.”
How close were the results?
Surprise! Her Mother Previously Married Her Son!
"Please know that if you choose to tick the ‘no’ box you will not be invited to my wedding"
"I really don’t think she cares at all about what civil rights are.”
Watch Colton Haynes and Jeff Leatham walk down the aisle.
Nearly 13 million Australians voted in the same-sex marriage postal survey.
Legislators have introduced a bill to replace gay marriage with domestic partnership and are asking for the public's opinion.
The academics behind the study are known for thier surprising accuracy with close call votes/races.
This beautiful video from Marriage Equality Australia couldn't have come at a better time.
Baja California Gay Couple Fights City Hall To Get Married
118,000 people gathered to celebrate gay pride and recently legalized gay marriage in the country.
Who was invited to the men's Cher/Guns'N'Roses wedding?
Is this the end of the fight or a step in the right direction?
The church wants to avoid "scandal and confusion" and any connection to homosexuality.
As District Judge David Bunning previously said, "The buck stops there."
“I’m horrified and personally distressed. I never gave my permission for my image to be used in this way.”
"The highest priority for me is making sure no church, no believer anywhere, is required to violate their religious conscience."
Some are saying that flies in the face of marriage "equality."
Best wishes to these happy men!
Way to go, Alderney!
Your wedding options just got bigger.
For Kim Davis, the fight against same-sex marriage is not over.
Despite the predictable backlash, the book about love is already being sold.
Congratulations to the happy family.
Videos will still be there to inspire and promote LGBT rights.