...along with 20 percent tip, signed "straight"
"Will You Welcome Us Home?"
“We made accommodations to the Fort Hood shooter..."
And fights back against homophobia claims.
We're sure Kim will appreciate this one!
"Asking a handsome young actor if he's gay is not in anyway indecent."
Like or dislike?
Caitlyn tries to recover from same-sex marriage misstep in new blog...
No Kim Davis necessary!
Putin is honoring Vitaly Milonov, the author of Russia's anti-gay propaganda law.
Congratulations, Landon!
Video the first same-sex couple since her return gets a marriage license.
WATCH: Kim returns to work but promises to not do her job
What else does Liam have to say about the incessant gay rumors?
He's Not New To Kentucky LGBT Rights
Models are as varied as the designs.
Instead of shipping us to a deserted island, homophobes will take the journey.
Crazy is is crazy does, right?
With stories like these, do we need a Pro to come out?
Honor reminds us of how much support she has given our community.
Highlights Religious Followers Selective Practices.
A Nation Where Church Is Above State.
What About At Sporting Events? Concerts? Restaurants?
Is the United States next?
"I think it's great."
Congratulations, Chema and Jonathan!
What happens?
Will she comply with the terms of her release?
UPDATE: Do you believe Chris?
Not cool, Chris.
Shouldn't she just resign at this point?