"I am not a monster."
And she gets an assist from Joan Jett!
The first person shooter game targets gay and transgender people.
The anti-gay former Governor returns to the presidential race!
And we get to see it!
He's facing 15 years in prison.
How did the fans react??
Details on the sexual attack.
This could get messy.
Microbiologist: "Those are the types of things you'd find in fecal matter."
How did the visiting Iranian Foreign Minister respond?
Why wasn't this televised?
...but not before they were hugged by their killers.
A gay porn performer takes his own life.
...says U2's fatherly-love album cover promotes homosexuality
What was the rationale behind only charging people over 40 years old??
Will this magazine cover help to end HIV stigma?
...when it comes to marriage equality under the law
What did the LGBT advocacy organization have to say?
Nevermind his Instagram account full of shirtless pics...