Balding & Greying May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past.
A new book tries to attack and demonize transgender people
If You Have A Problem Don't Say It To My Face!
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The Official Facebook page is asking citizens to prepare to vote "yes" for marriage equality.
Meanwhile, Trump tweets at 8am that the U.S. is ready to fire...
"We are trying our best to make sure that all users you meet will be healthy and without HIV"
Bello! (NSFW-ish!)
'I'm Doing The Military A Great Favor'
Who Will You Be Using The Feature With?!
"This evil will divide our nation in half." an Elder allegedly said.
Twitter wouldn't delete the tweets, so he brought it to their doorstep
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"There are children present...”
Think "I Love The 70s" With Horror Pop Culture!
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...Donor’s West Hollywood Home.
We All Know The Biggest Celebrity He Manages...YIKES!
...Is The Bigger Distraction! (NSFW-ish!)
Matt Rood won the competition over several wonderful delegates from the continent.
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Aaron Carter is refocusing his attention on his career.
"I hope that my action, however small, will help give others in a similar situation the confidence to be themselves."
Are We Really All That Different?
Australia doesn't recognize gay marriage and thus doesn't allow divorce for those couples
There is no nation wide law banning LGBTQ people from being fired in the workplace
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