and has a history of refusing service based on sexuality (AUDIO)
Sometimes you need a personal day to deal, ya know?
Indiana's decision to legalize discrimination against the LGBT has real world effects...
David Pocock may have risked his future as a captain by calling-out another player for using "faggot"
The Attorney General calls the proposal patently unconstitutional and utterly reprehensible.
Bye, Felicia!
A U.K. students union has banned gay white men from "appropriating black female culture."
The wolf in sheep's clothing is officially state law in Indiana
if SB 101 is passed. Why play chicken with narrow minded states? Pull out before the governor decides.
Congrats, guys!!
Blake Brockington was the first trans homecoming king in North Carolina.
All good things must come to an end...
What does the W have to say in response?
So, how will HBO tie up the show's loose ends?
The perfect response from the Harry Potter author!
Is this license plate "too sexual"??
United Nations approves same-sex benefits...
Our favorite kind of allies!! (NSFW-ish)
Where does your city stack up?
Syphilis is on the rise in NYC--what's to blame?