It's not the only "installation" McCarthy is giving Paris.
Soldier's joy at 2:30 mark makes me tear up a little.
Now this is a gay party!
Excited for NPH on Hollywood's biggest night?
...And the students want your support in their protest!
'The Flash' heads to the big screen!
The LA Galaxy star's coming out story heads to TV!
Vatican: All that nice stuff we said? We take it back.
Details of the shocking allegations.
What size of shoes likely mean he's a cheater, according to this study?
...and condemns them to hell
You're looking good, United States! We barely recognized ya!
Pope Francis instructs bishops around the world to treat gays with kindness
The school's football season has been canceled. Was it the right call?
Meet the adorable Aegista diversifamilia!
Details on what occurred.
As the same-sex map gathers more states, will the Republicans start supporting LGBT issues?
Sorry we're not sorry, Sarah Palin!!
And couples have already begun to marry in the state!!
Put a little aw in your Friday!