Georgia stands to lose a lot of money if they sign the "religious liberty" bill.
"We're all united."
“Over 5,000 gay men will get HIV over the next two years – very many of whom would not have done so if PrEP had been delivered..."
Evans and Jackman have a sing-off and WE are the winners.
She writes: "I object to the kiss. Must we have the lesbian message shoved in our faces all the time?"
So many muscles!
Fashion! (NSFW)
And sets a Guinness World Record!
"Young, good-looking, white gay men - we love to hate those people."
A whole new world...
Benham Brothers says it's a "bizzaro world" where they can't discriminate against gays.
New cast members are on board for the Dustin Lance Black/Gus Van Sant miniseries.
We certainly don't!!
What does she have to say about her anti-gay boyfriend's horrific attack on her son?
"I really try and help in the community as much as I can, and people are very grateful."
Cheeky photos + The lads need your help! #NSFW-ish!
Hunky athletes stripping for charity? We can definitely get behind that!
Spoiler alert!
"You have to learn about this community and you have to really understand our views and what we have actually been through..."
The NFL flexes its muscle to fight for the LGBT community!
And Chris Pine may reprise his role!
Will more come forward?
A new book suggests that they did.
"When I finally began to experiment, I felt such shame."
It's a good day to be the Hulkster!
Anti-gay bigotry doesn't pay!
And wants to know what's taking the cops so long to get there.
Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.
Half of people who identify as LGB identify as Bisexual.
See what the Pennsylvania State Rep. has to say.