Please refrain.
The horror...
Does she wear animal fibers? Ugh, as if!
Today, and every day, we're thankful for Colby Melvin! (NSFW-ish)
Who wants stuffing?
Madonna understands the spirit of Thanksgiving!
Dancing around pronouns at the holiday party?
Tyrone wanted to be a vet or designer when he grew up.
Louisiana Parish President Mike Yenni sits down for an interview.
"she was asked to leave because her uniform could upset others in attendance."
Yes, she was a lovely lady.
Didn't she just start raising money yesterday?
Arnold found answer to students that didn't want to return home for the holidays.
He calls for unity and healing.
Investigators still on the scene.
Will the P.E.N.C.E. bill successfully ban gay conversion therapy?
What did she have to say?
Do you agree with The Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association's top ten?
Watch your mail for real money, but why?
Proposal would make teachers convey all info about child to parents.
And he does it while hosting a dinner party!
They say there's evidence the vote may have been hacked or manipulated in swing states.
Hanks, Springsteen, Ross ... watch all the stars being honored today.
Doherty spilled the good news!
Can't make it to the gym? Workout at home, in your undies!
Her passing comes just days before the 25th anniversary of her famous son's death.
According to his Dr., Kanye had been suffering from, "temporary psychosis as a result of sleep deprivation and dehydration."
The victim suffered from injuries to his face, chest, and hands in what is thought to be a hate crime.
A "herstory" making performance!
Shirt reads “If you are gay don’t approch me. I’ll kill you"
With 7 million votes still uncounted, Clinton's lead could continue to rise.