"With #Katia in the Gulf, I couldn't help but mention one of my favorite performers in my tropical update this morning."
Brandon Myers loves to show off in his undies! (NSFW-ish!)
Our hero!
We're still thirsty for NYC's "hottest cop"! (NSFW!)
According to a recent survey.
"I wanted to intro you guys to our new family…"
“We have to stand up against the perversion of our times and call it what it is.”
Ben Affleck's hottest scenes, from front to back! (NSFW!)
The future doesn't look good at the moment
The Soccer Teams Show Their Pride
The Majority of the community agreed
...In Their New Video, 'Future Friends'!
So handsome!
The first teaser for 'American Crime Story' is here!
Celebrities unite to raise money in a benefit for Texas Hurricane Harvey relief.
"I had the time of my life...."
Fighting the Juggernaut wasn't the biggest battle of his day....
You knew this
And the character doesn't look like you'd want him to.
A lawyer from Ghana wants to make this gay Ghanaian "persona non grata."
... From Queer Artist 'The Hound'!
"Take It As A Compliment"
Peek at another side of Austin Armacost! (NSFW)
...with thousands of people.
Rest in peace, Dean Eastmond.
"...the negativity came more from people debating and arguments over bisexuality and what it means to be bi or gay."
"Kill The Gays" Pastor Kevin Swanson said Texas was punished for failing to pass anti-LGBT law.
Said nightclub owner Barbara Poma: "...hate will not win."
...'Jews in Nazi Germany'