Did they kill off Meryl Streep?!
And A Bunch Of Good Ole’ Country Trump Supporters!
Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 54, from northern Mexico, has an 18.9 inch penis.
Streep recently denied knowing about Weinstein's alleged misconduct.
"I look forward to what the future has to bring..."
“I have no interest in faking support."
One Chicago man saw 7 protesters outside his house of worship, so he called in the calvary.
The Kentucky family judge ordered all lawyers to tell him if gay parents wanted to adopt so he could avoid those certain cases.
Country With The World’s Oldest Tortoise, That’s Also Gay, Legalized Gay Marriage
He might regret making that joke.
"Trump robot in the Hall of Presidents looks like a 71-year-old Chucky doll."
“The Chemsex scene is at epidemic proportions.”
For 12 years they decorated for the joy of the neighborhood children, only to have teenagers ruin the festive spirit.
Facebook recognition now knows your face enough to alert you if someone else uploaded a picture of you.
So very sad!
Actor Claims He Was Infected By Anonymous Sex Scene!
"I’m gonna be a Las Vegas girl!"
So cute!
Em also explains how he found Elton John's diamond-encrusted wedding gift.
“I am Greg. I am a Roman Catholic priest. And, yes, I am gay!"
“But [they said] no gay, absolutely no gay. So I said no gay, no show. And that was it.”
Her husband even wielded a gun!
Cue the tears! The acclaimed memoir is coming to the screen!
Is There Anything She Can’t Do?!
From Her Lips To Your Parliament!
"Grindr? Is Grindr a thing?"
And she's got the receipts....
What's the matter--were they out of Coke?
Yasss, Gaga!!!
“I love myself a lot, so I don’t get hurt by those who hate me because of my sexuality.”