'Every single man – straight, gay or otherwise – feels exactly the same.'
Celebrate with some funny tweets from bisexuals
And the character will pop up soon!
And conveniently announces his new single and album for next month....
Men are claiming internet porn is leading to erectile dysfunction.
Next time people might not attach billboard to their shop
Is what happened in Chechnya repeating itself?
Reports say he's engaging in heavy drug activity and threatening to harm himself and others.
Early tests are also showing its ability to prevent infection.
What was a lucky break was almost a deadly accident. Who's to blame?
And gave the story of why the app was created in the first place.
He asks fans to "Caption this!"
Too cute!
Cute as a button!
Ginger fur all over! (NSFW-ish!)
No matter what LGBTQ letter is in your head and heart, FLL welcomes you with open arms.
Breaking news...
Emerging details...
... In Show Of Support For Marriage Equality!
Lotan Carter is revealing (almost) everything! (NSFW-ish!)
...Asks People To Help Pay His Medical Bills
"... to have someone on the show, I have to at least admire them in some way."
This has been a bad year for Matthew Rush...
"I would rather be a sexy old lady then a saggy old man."
Austin tried it, and Twitter was not here for it.
...About Healthcare Bill
"’s a HUMAN RIGHT to be able to marry the person you love regardless of gender."
The conservative activist stuck his foot into some stupid rhetoric.