...and attacks diverse families in same breath
Thousands show up in Jerusalem
"Somebody in that Jail didn't Follow Protocol"
And walked away bloody. Whoops!
Is the Orange Is The New Black star on to something?
The son of a Boston police captain has been arrested after allegedly planning an anti-gay terrorist attack.
...because they "disrespect the family"?
“I’m in Miami Beach with my new husband. God is good”
Britney continues to do God's work...
Cops allegedly hurl anti-gay slurs while beating a gay man, on video, in front of his home.
"Hopefully I'll get a pass for speaking up on my behalf this time..."
Is God having an identity crisis?
What does the TSA have to say?
Suspect = just finished jail sentence 3 weeks ago for doing the same thing in 2005.
Including Lance Bass, Ronnie Kroell and more!
Is this a reason to stay in the closet?
"It makes me so sad and sometimes feel so guilty"...
Uh oh.
Meet Janae!!
...says she's moving "too fast"
Are you surprised by how many people attended?
We hope she's at peace.
Would you believe this is all over some tossed salads??
What does that even mean?
Uh oh.
Syphilis is on the rise everywhere.
The National Organization for Marriage has blood on its hands.
What did the hugely popular wrestler say that has ruined his career?
The study confirms findings from 2011 and emphasizes the importance of treatment.