He's not happy about the removal of the NBA All-Star game from Charlotte over HB2.
What's Paddy packing? (NSFW)
The reality hunk shows off his sea snake! (NSFW)
The modeling may change, but his sex appeal remains. (NSFW)
Sexy, by the sea. (NSFW)
What's next, condoms?
Includes information on HIV, PrEP, hormone therapy, etc.
Why do we have to wait so long?
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Are you open to an open relationship?
And holds a roundtable discussion with community leaders, including Equality Florida.
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The band received boos over their support for LGBT rights and their belief in science...
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"In West Philadelphia, born and raised..."
"This is my life."
Don't do it, Moms!
And "he's with the bad guys." Clearly pretty doesn't mean smart.
Congrats, guys!!!
The openly gay Secretary of the Army led the San Diego Pride parade!
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