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The Village Metropolitan Community Welcomes A Transgender Pastor

A UK church in Brighton welcomes its first Transgender non-binary pastor this week.

The Village Metropolitan Community Church has brought Rev. Peta Evans onto its staff.

Evans said, “Returning to Brighton, I am excited to serve again in the community which first welcomed me and supported me in both my ministry journey and my gender transition."

They also added, "I am also enthusiastic about reclaiming the Bible from those who have tried to make it a weapon against those who are different, and I’m starting a group for Trans people to do just that, ReTranslation, to look at the text for themselves without past interpretations getting in the way."

Another reverend at the church, Michael Hydes, said he was very excited to work with Evans due to their Celtic Christianity and experience working with Trans communities. 

The Metropolitan Community Church has been on the forefront of LGBT inclusion across the world and we are excited to see them welcome Evans into the fold. 


H/T: Pink News