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“Brit And A Yank” Replace Alexa With Karen Walker!

“Brit And A Yank” Replace Alexa With Karen Walker!

The “Will And Grace” Revival Is One Day Away!

You may recognize the two titular stars of Brit And A Yank. They’ve been featured on many LGBTQ blogs with their hysterical parodies of cult films, current pop culture references, and lifestyle. Some of their best work is Grannie, a play on the film Annie, featuring the Yank’s (John Raphael) former boss, Kathy Griffin.

In their latest work, the hilarious duo continue to grab the latest in pop culture and make it, well, gay. Amazon’s Alexa, a controlled Echo speaker that listens to your voice and performs whatever you say on command. South Park just dedicated their Season 20 premiere episode to parodying how society relies on Alexa for duties, company, and elementary school jokes. By now, you must know someone who is obsessed with Alexa. I cannot tell you how many, ahem, dates I’ve been on where said individual solely relies on the  feminine, robotic voice to change the lighting, play the latest Cardi B song on surround sound, or even remind them to add a movie to their Netflix queue.

While Alexa is wonderful and convenient for everyday busybodies, the Brit and A Yank decide to make her…even…better. Seriously, these two may be on to something: Boys, get your idea patented! Instead of hearing the monotone, forced voice that could becoming haunting; they’ve transformed Alexa into…KAREN WALKER! Yes, the breakout star from Will and Grace!

Instead of Alexa doing whatever you say, Karen speaks what’s on her mind. As the boys call her, “Karen: Your borderline useless assistant.” Rather than ordering a pizza or making a doctor’s appointment, Karen has a jab to offend her owners. She’s one awful, unhelpful, expensive speaker who you just can’t control. But, don’t worry- she’ll still make you laugh if you request a joke!

The Will and Grace revival premieres tomorrow, Thursday, September 27th  on NBC. How are you preparing for the return of our favorite show?! It’s time to play the Alexa-Karen parody at your premiere party.

You’ve got to check out Brit and A Yank’s latest parody below!