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$100,000 For Your Dream LGBTQ Wedding? It's As Easy As Posting A Pic On Instagram

Do you feel lucky?  Do you have he love of your life and are ready to tie the knot? Instagram wants to help you out with that.


Share your Tinder success story on Instagram with #TinderSuccessStory for a chance to win your dream wedding, paid for by Tinder. And check out this Tinder success story.

Meet Aaron and Serge. They first met on Tinder and got coffee at a Starbucks. While they hit it off well, they remained friends until about a year later, when they decided to start dating. One night, when they were trying to escape the rain, they stumbled upon what is now their favorite date spot—an Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills, where the pumpkin ravioli with sage butter sauce was to die for and the seafood pasta had just the right amount of spice. Now they’re ready to make it official.

And full disclosure: we have a special place in our heart for this couple, because Aaron is our very own CRM Specialist at Tinder. - Tinder Facebook

The #TinderSuccessStory has been used before, but for the month of June, it's a little more special.

What do you think?  Will you enter with #TinderSuccessStory ?

Do they accept a wish board photo?

Here are some more photos that have been submitted this month.


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Can you enter if you haven't found your husband to marry yet. 

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