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12-Year-Old Mormon Girl Honored by the Human Rights Campaign For Coming Out

Last month, a viral video went up of a 12-year-old girl talking to her Mormon congregation, coming out to them, and then being cut off before she could finish.

During her speech, Savannah explained to her church how being gay was not a sin but a decision made by God. She then went on to compare being created a lesbian to being created with freckles or brown hair.

But unfortunate, her mic was then turned off before she could finish.

Feel free to watch the video down below.

Luckily, that was not the last time we heard of Savannah. She then popped up again, but this time it was when she was being honored by the Human Rights Campaign during their 2017 Utah Gala.

At the gala, Savannah gave a speech stating, "I just wanted to say, even though I'm small and I don't really have a video to go with what I'm saying, I have a lot of love to share, and I love you guys so much.”

And this time, she stood strongly with her two parents, and the chair of the event, by her side.