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15-Year-Old Comes Out To Military Dad When Michael Sam Is Drafted

It just goes to show what kind of impact openly gay role models can have!

A proud military veteran father announced on Facebook that his son came out as gay after watching Michael Sam's emotional draft announcement into the NFL and the St. Louis Rams.

The father writes on the University of Missouri (Sam's alma mater) Facebook page:

I sat in front of my television and watched the NFL draft with my father a MSG, US Army, brother US Army Special Forces, my son, which both parents are soldiers (it’s a family affair) and in a room of hardened Veterans with over 85 years of military service and more than 15 combat tours I saw true courage. When Michael Sam was finally drafted my 15 year old son started crying and told me he was gay. He said he didn’t want to hide anymore or be embarrassed about who he was. Thank you Mizzou for embracing Mr. Sam and recruiting a young man of his caliber so that kids like my son have more positive role models to look to..and thank you for providing opportunities to students regardless of diversity..your program is truly a class act from the players to the coaching staff! I’ll be pulling for you. Stay Classy Mizzou!

Coming out has a huge impact! We hope more public and private figures will follow suit! 

Thoughts on this proud dad's post, Instincters?


(H/T: Outsports/ The Gaily Grind)


No such thing as a gay teenager.

I am very moved by the father's letter, and in total agreement about "better role models".
The banter under this post, however, is disappointing and bears out evidence of the need for better role models.

You old fags only wanna break this boy in. You are worthless!

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I don't care about privacy settings. This gay magazine doesn't bother me. I'm just defending KevDobbins. But I do find the comments by gay men to be extremely defensive and always on the offense. Why? Inferiority Complex?

Wanting to defend someone who is a) either an obvious vitriolic troll or b) so consumed by rage that those icky, nasty queer people are finally gaining the acceptance and empathy they deserve on a larger societal scale calls into question your motives.  

Do you routinely look for trolls/bigots to defend on the interwebs?  If you do, just lol, I hope you're 12 or younger.  If not, then what would compel you to defend this particular troll/bigot.  A disinterested observer would jump to the conclusion that you must like something about the troll/bigot's posts, otherwise why defend them?

Oh and before you just laugh me off as another over defensive gay man, I'm not.  Gay.  Or a man.  

Your such a liar, as your I.P. address belongs to a male. Typical fag..

Thats impossible to tell you sack of human waste. 

If your referring to my comment, I'm actually straight. I was just pointing out a fairly common issue with people who hate homosexuals. They tend to be repressed. 

In defense of KevDobbins, I am straight and this magazine trolls my Facebook page on a daily basis. I never knew what it was until I opened it to read about Michael Sam. So don't go calling people repressed homosexuals. Blame the magazine for trolling the Facebook pages of straight people!!!

"Privacy Settings" my friend.

Anybody else wondering why Kevdobbins35205 is on a gay-centric site in the first place ?

Probably because he's a sexually repressed homosexual so afraid to come out he finds it necessary to bully and troll people brave enough to just that, to make himself feel better about it.

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Stay in school my friend.  When you graduate, get out and travel.  Meet others that are not like you.  There still may be hope for you.

Thank you for showing your lack of intelligence and opening yourself up and showing the whole country your fear and your greatest weakness. Psychologically this tells everyone about the parenting you had and the person you are! Great Job! Thanks for showing others in this article who not to be and how not to act!

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you are an idiot if you think that you need to read up on it

It might interest you to know that 80% of all the people who have ever got AIDs were straight.  It might also interest you to know our government is spending more money on AIDs medicine for straight people than for gay people.  If these facts don't change your views, you are just a mindless hater.

Scew you dude, my dad was healthy and cancer took his healthy life even taking the required meds!! Do u wonder what your going to die from??

How lovely of you to assume that all gay men have unprotected sex. You disgusting little cretin. Why are you reading articles from a gay men's magazine? Shouldn't you be dragging some poor woman back to your cave?

15 is not too young to know your sexual orientation, i was younger than that when i knew.  i guess some just don't get it.  very happy for him that his father showed such compassion.  i have seen so many be kicked out of their homes with no contact with their familres when they came out.  it is a very rough road for some, but so many make it, no matter the obstacles or people's opinions.  i am one that made it.  i did not nor do i care what others think of me.  they don't pay my bills, so their opinions of me, without getting to know, do not factor into my life.

A 15 year old is too young to know if he is gay or not. I hope he waits a few years to figure out his orientation.

I came out at 14 and nothing has changed. I'm engaged to a man and I couldn't be happier. Not trying to start arguement just putting an example yournever too young to know who you are.

started sneaking looks at men in the dressing room at the pool when I was 8 or 9, knew that I wasn't like other guys that I went to school with at 11-12,  had heard about Christine Jorgenson and thought that I was going to have to do what she did, because I liked guys and not girls all through my high school years, then a month before my 18th birthday the Stonewall riot made the national news and then I knew there were other people like me--so 15 is not too young 

You worthless old fag! I bet you contracted HIV in one a those dressing rooms by tha time you were 16.

I certainly am not worthless, and the last time I looked in the mirror I did not see a cigarette looking back.  I am HIV free, though I have seen many friends succumb to the disease, and I am 62 years of age

Why are you reading this blog?  Closet queer?

I find issue with you. You comment on this post but for what reason? You have poor spelling and grammar so may I suggest that, you purchase a thesaurus and dictionary, before you begin to troll 'fags' who can spell. I mean what do you do? Do you live at home in your parents basement? Sitting behind a computer calling everyone a fag.

At 11 years old, when I reached puberty, I was attracted ONLY to guys.   Females never entered my dreams of life.   I never even dated a female.

Were you older than 12 to know you were straight and attracted to the opposite sex?  Or did you always know?  Just sayin.

This has to be right up there in my stupidest things ever said list, "15 is to young" really? I was pretty sure I liked girls waaaay before 15... Oooooh I get it, you must be a gay is a choice person huh?       its people like you and this kevdobs (pretty sure he is in the closet) that makmake it look like straight people hate gays

Congratulations to the young man and his awesome family! The post the father wrote on the Mizzou website was touching and uplifting!

And now the best news is if that young man want to follow the family tradition of military service.  He can serve with as much distinction as his family.  Your family Rocks.

This is the best news I've heard! We are reaching the children & there's nothing evil bigots can do to stop us!

You might want to think about re-wording that, Nick - it is great news, but there are a lot of evil bigots who still think all us gay people are pedophiles.

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