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20 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Gay

We guess this one's technically for the ladies, but we're certainly the ones getting a chuckle from it! 

"20 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Gay," from comedians Jason Horton and Arielle Scarcella, lays out all the tell-tale signs that a seemingly hetero male may actually be batting for our team!

Take a look!

Have you seen the signs??


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Only white make comedian??????? 

We have thousands of white male comedians 

This was incredibly stupid, not funny at all...Oh and someone needs to get that bitch a brush.

I dont want to repeat everyone else but im funnier then that and i am a queen but i guess not a good one because i dont do any of them things

Aren't comedians suppose to be funny?

Oh my gosh two comedians who are poking fun at stereotypes. This is outrageous! It's ok to laugh at ourselves. 

I think the issue is that they aren't good comedians. This is just amateurish and dumb. 

A sign that I'm gay is when I tell you.

Look at all of you taking offense. They were just joking and having a good laugh. Stop trying to be quote on quote masculine and say this is stupid because you know damn well some of these things are true. Because even my straight friends do some of these things and they are definitely straight. Also to that annoying comment calling a pussy a snatch you're a fag shut the fuck up and get over it, or go be with a woman before you make some guy miserable, being bisexual doesn't make you masculine so annoying how so many men out there say they are bi but really aren't. Thirsty. 

One foolproof way to see if any man is gay. Watch a straight porn with him. If he fast forwards over the lesbian scenes, he is 100%, no doubt, gay. Never met a straight guy who wasn't into girl on girl. Never met a gay man who was. Simplest test.

I'm gay and I'm into lesbian porn. Girl on girl is hot.

You totally can't be gay. Not even a remote possibility.

Hmm. I think you could be right. Possibly bisexual? I say I'm gay because I haven't done girls before. But I'm turned on looking at nice snatches. And would like to have a go at one. I do still prefer the company of a man though. I just don't get along with women!(not all the time at least)

What the hell. Comedian my ass

This guy is a dumb ass!!

Interesting. I'm homosexual & I don't do any of this. Perhaps I should make one aiming towards homosexuals, "20 signs your boyfriend is straight." 

Stupid, not funny, not accurate and not all of us gays are queens.

Stupid, not funny, not accurate and not all of us gays are queens.


Made it to 46 seconds. Waste of time. 

this is the most retarded thing ever and cant believe it got posted. ill lever get these two minutes back... yes 2... because i stopped before i got to the end.

Really....too bad, please remove from the website is too stupid

Not even close to funny or accurate. Just dumb


Stupid and funnyless 

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