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2014 NYC Pride Announces Grand Marshals!

The 2014 New York City Pride March has announced its Grand Marshals!!

From The Huffington Post:

This year's marshals are transgender actress and activist Laverne Cox, Executive Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Rea Carey and Broadway, film, and television actor Jonathan Groff,

“Our 2014 marshals are leaders in brilliant forms of activism through which LGBT people and their allies engage,” March Director David Studinski said in a statement. “Individually, they represent the diversity within the LGBT community and the various struggles our community members have and continue to face. Collectively, their stories reinforce that no voice is too small nor weak to make change in our world -- and it starts with being yourself.”


What do you think of the choices, Instincters? The NYC Pride March is scheduled to begin at noon on Sunday, June 29!


Great choices. Rea Carey is smart and kind and self-effacing. She consistently raises the needs of LGBT people often left out of the "gay" agenda. Immigrant rights and racial and reproductive justice leaders see her as a true ally.

Laverne Cox is also an extraordinary leader whose humbleness, speaking abilities and honesty have contributed to breakthroughs for transgender people. 

I don't know Jonathan Groff, other than his acting work. It feels like Normal Heart will be a breakthrough and remind us all of the horrible early days of the AIDS epidemic and heroes that were there with us.

He's the ONLY reason I watched that stupid show Looking which misrepresented San Francisco as if it was stuck in the 70's. I know no one who lives or dresses that way. 

Who, who, and who? 

Love, hate and bitchiness.

I must be the only gay man in the world who thinks Jonathan Groff is nothing special. He's not handsome. He's not cute. He's not interesting whatsoever. Next! 

Groff is sexy as hell and was so sexy in Looking though the show suffered. I only watched because of him, he made me happily endure otherwise awful writing.

I'm underwhelmed. 

Excellent choices..

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