250 Protesters Rally Against Kansas Discrimination Bill In Topeka

Disgust with the Kansas state House's approval of legislation allowing businesses to refuse service to gays reached fever pitch on Sunday when roughly 250 protesters rallied in Topeka. 

The Lawrence Journal-World:

During Sunday's protest, which was organized by the gay rights advocacy group Equality House of Topeka, participants formed two lines behind signs labeled "Second Class Citizens" and "Straight People." The lines went up the south steps of the Capitol.

"We don't judge others," said Dee Moore, of Topeka. "We think all are God's children."

Jeremy Morgan, also a Topeka resident, said when he first heard about the bill, it frightened him that he and his spouse, who were legally married in Iowa, could be denied services.

"We don't want to be humiliated. We want to be treated like everybody else," Morgan said.



This bill is nothing less than modern day religious persecution.  Burning gays at the stake may be passé, but blatant discrimination is not.

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