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3 Doors Down Will Perform At Boy Scouts Jamboree

While Train and Carly Rae Jepsen took a stand against the Boy Scouts' discriminatory anti-gay policies, it appears that the band 3 Doors Down doesn't have the same convictions.

The band has agreed to perform at the 2013 National Scouts Jamboree. 

GLAAD reached out to 3 Doors Down's management late this afternoon and was told that there would not be anything to share imminently.

"Rather than promote an organization that actively discriminates against gay Americans, it's time 3 Doors Down step into 2013 and withdraw their support of the Boy Scouts, joining musicians like Madonna, Train and Carly Rae Jepsen in speaking out against the Scouts' discriminatory policy," said GLAAD. "The Boy Scouts took an important first step by allowing gay youth to participate, but if the organization expects support from celebrities, corporations and the majority of Americans who believe in fairness for all, Scouting must be open to gay parents and committed leaders over the age of 18."

What do you think of 3 Doors Down's decision to perform at the Jamboree?


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I think 3 Doors Down sucks anyway. So, I really don't care about them or what they do. They've never gotten any of my money, nor will they, because I will not pay good money to go to any of their concerts. So, if they want to be that way, whatevs. 

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