5 Hot Beachwear Items From Differio

Beach sex isn’t always as hot and steamy as they make it out to be in movies, but that doesn’t mean your next beach trip has to be a total dud. You can catch someone’s eye this summer in a sexy beach outfit that’ll make you stand out from all the other shirtless guys. After all, who doesn’t want to look sexy at the beach?

Whether you’re into itty-bitty speedos or swear by short swim trunks, you’re going to look like total eye candy in this mens swimwear collection on Differio. This online stylish menswear site is known for relaying the latest trends in men’s fashion by independent streetwear brands.

What makes them so unique is their wide selection of men’s trendy clothing that also includes gay clothing styles, from mens bikini swimwear to leather harness tank tops. Apart from edgy clothing for men, they have an incredible assortment of fashion forward accessories, shoes, and even male makeup.

Each item is bold, edgy and shamelessly kinky, especially their new range of gay swimwear and beach clothing. It’s pretty much waiting to be ripped off your buns. So, what are you waiting for? We’ve rounded up the top 5 hottest items from their beachwear collection great for any of your dirty, summer lovin’ plans.


1. Banana Swim Trunks

Men’s swim trunks can be just as sexy as swimming briefs, especially when they’re covered in an unforgettable print. Short swimming trunks are the perfect alternative for guys that aren’t ready to bare it all in briefs. These graphic black banana swim trunks by Zircuit are the coolest way to show off your love for bananas…. and that yellow fruit.


2. Graphic Swimming Briefs

These graphic swimming briefs with bold graphics will make his imagination run wild. A Differio exclusive by Glimms, these designer swim briefs are made with stretchy fabric for a comfortable and snug fit.


3. Red Swim Briefs With Cord

If you know Modus Vivendi, you know this brand designs seriously sexy male lingerie and swimwear for men. Aside from the sexy lace up design, red is known for being one of the sexiest colors on a man. Despite it’s simple design, these red swim briefs are hard to miss.


4. Faux Leather Shorts

You can look sexy, even before you strip down to your speedo. These black faux leather shorts by Modus Vivendi are designed with snap buttons on the sides, so you can flash some extra thigh action. These black shorties are a favorite amongst leather lovers.


5. Mondrian Black Swim Briefs

Any guy that appreciates art will be eyeballing these Mondrian-inspired mens black swim briefs. Designed by Modus Vivendi, these swim briefs will make your package pop with one of modern art’s most influential pieces.