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'50 Shades Of Grey' Read By Gay Dudes

If you still haven't read the 50 Shades of Grey because you don't want to read a hyper-sexual book that got your grandma off (as one gay man in this video says), then now's your chance to catch up on the story ahead of the release of the big screen adaptation.

Thanks to vlogger Neil McNeil, a handful of adorable gay guys retell the 50 Shades story in this cute montage of reactions to what basically amounts to the greatest heterosexual sex story of a generation. 


Hmmm...and all gay men are white and under 25.  Besides the content, this is visual evidence of a skewed view of gay men.

Mikey and Simon.  Grrr!

Mikey *_*

Andrew is so HOT

C'mon guys. Last summer there were plenty of copies of 50 Shades at Race Point Beach in P'town that were devoured. The same was probably true at Herring Cove. We also loved Sex in the City and straight women love gay erotica. So I am not sure these are accurate reactions. That being said Mikey is adorable.

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